System advantages and features

The network video surveillance system is not only powerful, it also exceeds the conventional analog video surveillance system in performance. The advantages of this system are mainly manifested in the following aspects:


1. Realize high-quality remote video monitoring: The system is completely network-based, with advanced architecture, stable performance, high-definition picture quality, dynamic image processing, and intelligent analysis.   

2. There is no blind spot in monitoring: The current network technology can support various transmission lines, and the network video monitoring system can install the camera to any place where the network can be reached through the network.  


3. Unified platform management: centralized management, diverse methods, simple operation, full support for common network protocols, and high integration.

4. Unlimited recording time, easy expansion: The network video surveillance system supports centralized and distributed network storage, and expansion is extremely easy. Capacity can be expanded at any time as needed, storage devices can be distributed anywhere on the network, and storage backup strategies can be flexibly formulated.

5. Make fuller use of existing networks: rationally use existing network resources, save wiring costs, and reduce engineering cycles. In addition, you can choose Power over Ethernet (POE), twisted pair cables provide stable power.   


6. ​​Provide more choices of products and functions: Network video technology has the ability to provide a high level of integration, can integrate other functions and services, and make the system sustainable and developable. Adopting recognized standard protocols and information networks can make the integration of a large number of products in the system easy. Switching to network technology means investing in a system that will continue to be used in the future.  


7. Let the system continue to be smoothly upgraded and expanded: the network system is both flexible and fully upgradeable to meet the changing needs and expansion needs of users. The addition of monitoring front-end and monitoring workstations is plug and play, smooth upgrade, continuous expansion, and deployment anytime, anywhere.

System performance

The network monitoring system is considered in terms of resource utilization, function expansion, installation and maintenance, and usage. Traditional monitoring equipment cannot be compared with it. From the perspective of image quality, image clarity, and video fluency, our network camera products have a greater advantage than other brand products in the market.   


In short, digitization and networking are the development trends of information technology in the future, especially in video surveillance systems. This program will design the factory's network video surveillance system based on the design principles of system science, advancement, openness, scalability, compatibility and flexibility. Make it one of the most technologically leading monitoring systems.


Networked monitoring-through the computer network, it can truly realize monitoring at any time, from any place, and on any site.   

Networked storage--The system can realize local and remote video storage and video query and playback.


High reliability-the video encoder and network camera used in the system are all embedded systems, industrial-grade equipment, with extremely high reliability, plug and play, no need for special management, especially suitable for unattended Remote monitoring point.   

High image quality-the video encoder and adaptive high-performance streaming media server equipment used in the system integrates a variety of new patented technologies, smooth images, clear image quality, image clarity can reach D1 effect, good real-time performance.


Special variable stream technology-According to the real-time conditions of the network, the data flow can be flexibly adjusted with a unique variable stream design, such as watching DV (720*576) images on the LAN and watching CIF (352*288) images on the Internet.  


Easy to use, simple to operate and manage-either client software can be installed, or remote monitoring and remote management can be carried out directly through WEB mode, graphical interface.


Complete monitoring and management functions-the system provides users with flexible monitoring screen selection, electronic map use, line control of pan/tilt, zoom, preset and lens patrol, as well as image capture, video and video playback, Alarm and report.

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